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How to choose the motorcycle tire correctly?

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    While choosing the tire, wear-resisting property is our important consideration. Tire with soft material can obtain a large traction, but it wears quickly. Tire with hard material can have slow wear. But its grip performance is poor. When designing the tire, they usually consider a number of factors to make the tire obtain an optimal balance point between the grip performance and travel mileage.

    Firstly, under-inflation is the most critical influence on tire damage. According to a market statistic and survey, around 85% of the tire are damaged due to under-inflation. It’s not only cause danger to the driver, but also reduce the tire life about 20%-40%. It is better to follow the maximum pressure standard on the tire wall when you inflate the tire. So that it can make the best performance.

    Secondly, different driving ways will also cause different wearing. Many drivers are more used to use the rear brake, that the rear wheel will bear most of the traction and braking force during driving, so there will be faster wear on rear tires. For wild driver, they usually make delay front brake while driving a turn, and then they will drive into the corner in high speed. That is to say, the front wheel will bear most of the grip and braking and there will be faster wear on front tires.

    The treat pattern of the rear tire is usually designed a little bit deeper, so that the front and rear tires can be replaced at the same time. It is better to replace the front and rear tires at the same time to ensure the traction balance. In addition, it is better to replace a new air value as well.
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